How to Migrate Email from cPanel to cPanel

When transferring accounts between servers, transferring of email accounts is quite different. Transferring data from one server to another is technically called migration even if it is full website or email accounts or databases. When you perform a full website migration of a cPanel account, you do not need to migrate the emails manually. The cPanel transfer will migrate the email accounts also. As we know, there can be DNS propagation after a DNS change when you migrate your website. In the DNS propagation time, some of the emails coming to your email address may be directed to the old server and some of them to the new server. It should be ensured that you do not loss any valuable emails. This is what makes the email migration different from other migrations. Let’s see how the email account transfer is done for both cPanel and non-cPanel accounts.

Email Migration

Email migration can be performed in two ways, You can either utilize the cPanel interface or use the command line prompt.

In this article we are going to take a look on how to Migrate Email from cpanel in order to navigate this process.

Follow the ensuing steps below:

Step 1: Backing up email directories

The first step in the email migration is to backup email directories present in the old server.

1) Login to cPanel interface for the account in question in the old server.

2) Open ‘File Manager’ under the section ‘Files’.

3) Go ‘Up One Level’ above public_html.

4) You can see the mail directory there. Enter into the directory.

5) Right click on the directory and click on the option available to compress the directory.

6) Now, download the compressed file to your computer.

Step 2: Restore email backups

1) Login to the cPanel interface of the new server.

2) Create the email accounts just as you did in the old server. You can create email accounts from the ‘Email Accounts’ section under the ‘Mail’ category.

3) Open ‘File Manager’ under the section ‘Files’.

4) Go ‘Up One Level’ above public_html and you can see the mail directory there. Enter into the directory.

5) Upload the email backup file to the directory.

6) Unzip the backup file and the delete the zip file.

7) Open Webmail and configure it to display the new email folders.

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MySQL Performance tuning script

What is MySQL performance tuning and what does it mean ?

The MySQL configuration contains a number of variables. in fact, The server allows you to edit and set / change variables to suit your needs. In the same way You can improve MySQL performance by changing the values ​​in the configuration file. in brief You can use a number of methods and shell scripts to optimize your MySQL server. therefore this section describes installing and using a single shell script to optimize MySQL performance.

This performance tuning shell script will help you to optimize your MySQL server on a huge traffic cPanel server.

Installation steps

The MySQL tuner has simple installation steps. although You can download the latest version from HERE.

Step I : SSH to your server as root user.
Step II : wget the latest version.


Step III : Change the file permission as executable.

chmod 755

Step IV : Execute the script.


See the attached image which has a sample tuner output.

That’s it ?

The advantages of mysql tuning?

The operations will run smoothly once you have tuned up the database using this script, so these workouts are critical for overall performance and efficiency. If you run into any problems while trying to perform the tuning operations, you can reach server support. Surprisingly, the team is committed to providing the industry’s best server support service.