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How To Install ClamAV On A CPanel Server

Steps To Install ClamAV On A CPanel Server Here I’m explaining the steps to install ClamAV on a cPanel server. Before proceeding with this, first you need to make sure WHM plugin clamavconnector is not installed. Check WHM >> Manage plugins 1: If you would like to verify ClamAV’s digital signatures on the virus definition files […]

Config Server Firewall Commands For Unix and Linux Server

Config Server Firewall(CSF)commands.  CSF is the firewall framework that is most widely used to protect Linux servers. CSF has a wide variety of options for controlling the Linux firewall from the control panel and from the command line. The CSF installation includes cPanel, DirectAdmin and Webmin preconfigured settings and control panel UIs. Usage and installation […]

Guide For Migrating CPanel To DirectAdmin

Due to the recent new pricing scheme for cPanel, customers’ businesses have been impacted destructively. Therefore, customers have to go through a wide range of choices and some of them decided to migrate into DirectAdmin. The DirectAdmin is the web hosting control panel software, which lets you administer your website as well as hosting options […]

Installing CloudFlare plugin on cPanel server

This is a free Content Delivery Network (CDN) for your domain. CloudFlare provides a better Internet security services and distributed domain name server services, sitting between the visitor and the Cloudflare user’s hosting provider, acting as a reverse proxy for websites. CloudFlare’s cPanel plugin is also available to manage the CloudFlare account simply through the cPanel […]

How to install nslookup, dig, host commands in Linux

That can’t do moment we face when we are trying to check if the website is pointing to correct IP and the nameservers which are authoritative for our servers are added correctly at the registrar end. A newly installed machine will not have dig, nslookup, host commands. So we have to manually install them on […]

How to Migrate Email from cPanel to cPanel

When transferring accounts between servers, transferring of email accounts is quite different. Transferring data from one server to another is technically called migration even if it is full website or email accounts or databases. When you perform a full website migration of a cPanel account, you do not need to migrate the emails manually. The […]

MySQL script for Performance tuning

What is MySQL performance tuning and what does it mean ? MySQL has a lot of variables in its configuration. We can edit and set/alter variables to our requirements on our server. We can improve the MySQL performance by varying those values in configuration file. A lot of methods and shell scripts are available for […]