Dedicated Team
Support is always only a phone call away offering you all the benefits, minus the cost, of an in-house IT department

An expert team will be available for your servers round the clock and they will manage everything that the server needs. This is a premium plan where we handle right from basic Level 1 ticket to more complex Level 3 server administration task including escalations. If you are a Data Center or Web Hosting Company and want us to completely manage the infrastructure, then this plan is for you. This is the super set of all plans. We provide white label support. In short, we will take care of your clients for you as you would. There is no way your customers would come to know that the support is provided from Serversupportz.

Serversupportz functions truly as your support team and will enclose all replies to the customers with your company’s greetings and signature. Serversupportz does proactive monitoring of your servers and reduce your downtime to minimum. We monitor your server’s various services like Apache, Dns, Mail, Ftp, Pop3, Server Load, Disk Space etc. if any service stops on the server, we will login to find the cause and restart the service. If the failed service does not restart, we will escalate the issue  to server admin or to the datacenter/admin as earlier as possible. We ensure that the issue is either fixed or escalated to the datacenter/admin within 15 minutes of service failure.

Team Plans – Dedicated team

Benefits of Dedicated Server Support Plans

Performance Tuning

We ensure correct server configurations and settings to deliver the best performance even under strenuous conditions.

Live Team Support

Our team is always on standby to address your server problems. We offer multiple contact options – phone, email, live chat.

Backup & Restore Services

Our timely backup operations will ensure your data is always safe and ready to be deployed in the aftermath of an emergency.

Emergency Support

In case of any attack, our technicians will swing into action to recover lost data and apply steps to ward off such future attacks.

Expert Technicians

Our experienced technicians ensure high load bearing, optimal resource utilization and high availability of your servers.

Reduce Server Downtime

By monitoring diverse server health checks, our technician team can spot and fix issues even before your customers notice it.

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