Server Hardening

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Our Security check list comprises basic to advanced measures that will ensure your server uptime and data. By default, most OS or Hosting Panel installed servers are not conceived for a more secure operating environment. Only by implementing advanced security measures could server integrity be fully accomplished. We try to follow up the most up-to-date and professional security services that resist attacks from common threats, malware, spyware, hackers, or viruses. Rather than exposing your servers to attackers, it is better to sign up for our Server Security Management Services and drive your hosting business towards growth. This is a one-time support service and, for future related assistance, you have to sign a server management plan with us.



  • Secure /etc/passwd and /etc/group
  • SU security
  • Init scripts security
  • tmp folder(s) security
  • Shell fork bomb protection
  • Compiler security
  • SHM security
  • OpenSSH server hardening
  • FTP service security
  • CSF installation and tuning
  • Mysql security
  • Apache memory usage and CPU usage tweak
  • Apache MPM tweak
  • SuPHP installation
  • PHP Suhosin installation
  • php.ini hardening
  • sysctl.conf hardening
  • Clamd Antivirus Installation & Integration
  • ConfigServer ModSecurity Control
  • ConfigServer Mail Queues
  • ConfigServer Mail Manage
  • Apache Symlink Attack Security Protection
  • Nginx installation for c10k issue
  • Bind security
  • Process Resource Monitor installation’s
  • System Priority Scheduler
  • Cpulimit installation
  • Apache SSLv2 V3 protection
  • cPanel/whm SSLv2 protection
  • cPanel stunnel security
  • cPanel securing cross
  • Rkhunter installation
  • Chkrootkit installation
  • Modesecurity hardening
  • Exim. conf hardening
  • Linux Malware Detect Installation
  • Cloud Linux Installation & Tweak
  • Compile Apache & PHP with updated patches

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