Worried about how to handle technical issues and failures on-site?

We have a specially designed plan for you named “Shared Team”.If your site has minimal traffic and functions then we recommend that you go for the basic plan which covers services ranging from Level – 1 issue to the highly complex Level – 3 issues.

With the specialized ‘White Label Support’ our team will be handling your customers with the same importance, care and concern as you would. Your customers would never know that we are handling the issues for you. All communications shall be sent across with your company credentials and greetings with information passed on priority to you.

You can sleep with peace of mind as our team will be monitoring all the various services on your servers such as Apache, DNS, Email, FTP, POP3, Server Load, Disk Space and more to reduce downtime and any losses that may follow due to this.

Rest assured our team works as follows:

  • Server Supports keeps a close watch on all the parameters required for the smooth functioning of your site
  • If any service stops our team works to restore it within 15 minutes
  • In case the issue that is faced is complex, the team will escalate the matter to Datacenter Personnel / Admin
  • On all cases within the 15 minutes time frame the issue shall be either fixed or escalated for remedial measures

Team Plan – Shared team

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