If your servers are stable and have less number of tickets, then this plan is for you. This is the most affordable plan where we handle right from basic Level 1 ticket to more complex Level 3 server administration tasks including escalations. Also provides white label support. In short we will take care of your clients for you as you would. There is no way your customers come to know that the support is providing from Serversupportz . Serversupportz functions truly as your support team and all replies to the customers are enclosed with your company’s greetings and signature.
Serversupportz do proactive monitoring of your servers and reduce your downtime to minimum. We monitor your server’s various services like Apache, Dns, Mail, Ftp, Pop3, Server Load, Disk Space etc and if any service stops on the server, we will login and find the cause and restart the service. Suppose, the failed service is not getting restarted, then the issue will be escalated instantly to the server admin or to the datacenter/admin as earlier as possible. We ensure that the issue is either fixed or escalated to the datacenter/admin within 15 minutes of service failure.

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