Terms of Services

We are a 24/7 Service provider for Hosting, Webhosting Support, Server Management, and Other Services like Server Hardening, Server Auditing, and Server Monitoring owned by Tranzmedia Netvision Pvt Ltd.


To ensure efficient and accurate Service, you provide us with your details about your services, requirements, and policies and access to your systems for better service for you and your Clients/Partners, except for any interruptions due to downtime or other kinds of disruptions in services.  All Confidential Information will be strictly maintained as Confidential.

Plans and Price

Serversupportz ensures Best Available Rates for new Customers at a very Decent Pricing compared to Competitors and are subject to changes as per Market Conditions.


We provide Digital Payment Services with that of a Credit Card, PayPal or a Stripe Payment.


Cancellation can be made only through Emails for Security purposes and you can cancel the Service anytime in 30 days with no Cancellation charges.

Satisfaction Guarantee

As a part of Best Level Support that we provide, Serversupportz offers a satisfaction guarantee on our server management and monitoring services. You are eligible for a 100% Refund if you are not satisfied using our services within 5 days of using our Services or the first 5 Support Requests, whichever is earlier from the day of activating our Services.

Response Time

Serversupportz guarantees an average response time of 10 to 20 minutes according to the respective support plans that we provide. A Response Time means the time taken by us to Resolve the matter from the time a ticket gets assigned to the Technician and it is resolved unless a previous Ticket doesn’t stand open.  Other non-support-related issues like Billing or Sales etc are not covered under our response time guarantee.

Data Backups

We do maintain daily, weekly back-ups of all important and required data.  In few cases, we ask our clients to do the same to ensure a loss of data during transit or upload   This date can be restored in any emergency situations or accidents or mistakes.  The customer has the responsibility to maintain all backups before we take access to the client information.

Fair Use Policy (FUP)

We prioritize Quality of work. We will have the rights to Restrict access or terminate any account of those whom we find are misusing the platform and services, which can affect our service level to our valuable customers/Clients.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Acceptable User Policy allows us the right to suspend or terminate the users account for using abusive words or any other ways of harassment through email, Phone or Chat.  Abusive material against our employees are not permitted.

Negative Feedbacks

We are a very reputed company Serving the Industry for more than a Decade and serving Happy Customers all over.  We ensure our 100% to make our Clients happy and do not wish to promote anyone posting Negative feedback in any Social Public forums without availing any services from us.  We would request you to email us our Negative comments and get clarity before you leave them in public.  We have always been an Extra Mile Servicing our Customers worldwide.